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Programmes and opportunities of recreations on Százhalombatta


The Friendship Cultural Center has been playing a central role in the development of cultural life in Százhalombatta for decades. It hosts a variety of programmes, like concerts, theater performances, exhibitions. 

It plays a prominent role in the SUMMERFEST and city programs held in the summer. Find their website for current programs.


A folk dance festival that also became a bit of a symbol of Százhalombatta. Foreign dancers, hospitable Hungarian families, love of dance, unforgettable experiences, getting to know other cultures, self-forgetful celebration.
The Forrás Folk Dance Ensemble can be classified as a performing arts organization and in terms of its operation it was transformed into an Independent Theater in 2020.


It is now a tradition to hold DAYS OF BATTA every September, the largest and most popular program in our city. Thanks to the continuous development of the event, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors from the surrounding settlements and the capital, with its program offerings and high-quality productions, which are updated every year.

Szekeres József Conference and event center

It is a popular venue for various conferences, events, balls and city events and exhibitions. Excellent sound and projection technology ensures a high standard for events.


Hamvas Béla library

Library rental, children’s library classes, internet use, electronic online services and various cultural programs and evenings await visitors.

city of Százhalombatta

On the city’s website you can find information not only about various current programs, news, announcements, but also about health care and information of public interest.


The archeological park created in the excavation area of ​​the mound tombs that give the city its name is the first prehistoric open-air museum in Hungary. Authentic reconstructions of houses, kilns and outbuildings excavated from the Bronze Age and Iron Age were built here. A multilingual multimedia program accompanied by sound and light effects in a 2,700-year-old visitable mound tomb reconstructed in the original location of the archeological park presents the funeral ceremony of the age.

Matrica MUseum

The Museum was named after the Roman settlement of Matrica, previously located at the recent city of Százhalombatta. The Museum was established in a former mansion and it is a museum of local history. History is presented by objects found or gathered locally. The permanent exhibition guides visitors through history, from the Ice Age until the 19th century, in a single undivided space.


The city beach offers pools of different sizes and temperatures during the summer season and free parking.

The beach has 5 pools from May to August. Guests can relax and unwind in the 50-meter racing pool, warm-water seating pool, beachfront pool with family slide, a training pool, jacuzzi and children’s paddling pool.

Swimming Pool

The Sports Pool is regularly visited by 7,300 children for swimming lessons from the city’s kindergartens and schools. The facility provides training opportunities for more than 300 active athletes. A special conditioning room has also been set up for them. Krisztina Egerszegi, five-time Olympic champion and László Cseh, three-time Olympic silver medalist cut the ribbon at the handover of the Sports Swimming Pool at 2008. The new Sports Pool is barrier-free. Domestic hot water and pool heating are also supported by a solar system. The facility is equipped with an automated building management system, water engineering and ventilation.


There is a sports hall, grass football pitches and a tennis court, a slag athletics field and a running track for those who want to play sports.
Sporthalom Nonprofit Kft. plays an important role in the organization and management of Százhalombatta’s leisure, cultural and sports programs. The facility provides the opportunity to hold trainings, training camps, sports competitions, balls, concerts, corporate events. Sporthalom Nonprofit Kft. hosts the series of the Batta Days Event, which has been traditionally held at the beginning of September for 15 years.


The city is a favorite recreation area, where you can walk, run and walk your dog. Twice a year a dragon boat race is held on the lake with excellent facilities.
The Boating Lake is managed by Szákom Kft., it takes care of the cleanliness and mowing of the area, the maintenance of the biological balance of the water, and for the convenience of picnics, the union has created a standard playground and bacon frying places. Recently, mobile toilets, bicycle storage facilities were installed, and a smaller parking lot was built at the entrance.

Main square

Our main square has a special atmosphere, the Municipality, the Friendship Cultural Center, the Szekeres József Event Center and the Makovecz Church offer great relaxation for those who want to relax.


The Market and Shopping Center is located in the middle of the housing estate in the center of Százhalombatta. The market with 36 shops is located in the inner courtyard, where a well-designed, covered sales area awaits those wishing to sell or buy here.

Százhalom Health Center

The Százhalom Health Center undertakes the curative-preventive care, care, diagnostic examinations of the population, basic and specialist occupational health care, as well as health services serving key public health purposes through screening tests.

Batta Tour

For those who like to walk and explore the city and the cultural values ​​of the city on foot, the so-called “Batta Tour.” An application – with the help of which you can make different routes and distances.

Health-preserving and sports app for Százhalombatta residents or batta visitors. Find the checkpoints hidden in the city and follow the designated routes, because now we reward exercise with valuable city coupons!

FB page

BattaTour webpage from where the application can be downloaded.

Church of Szent István (Makovecz)


Roman military bath

Church of Szerb, Oldtown

brick factory, Oldtown

Danube walks

Lookout of Sánchegy


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